When your customers look for help in your Jive® community, you need to make sure the right content is there to support them. With Zoomin for Jive®, you can automate publishing of product documentation directly into your community, turning Jive® into a powerful content delivery platform for your structured topic-based publications. Increase the visibility of your documentation and leverage Jive’s collaboration and analytics features to collect customer feedback. Help your customers help themselves, right within your community.



Promote self-

Reduce support cases and costs by providing customers with easy access to relevant product content.


Increase community

Make your community more effective for customers with support questions by providing quality content.


Make the most out of your product

Leverage your product documentation to increase brand loyalty while enhancing the customer experience.

Automate publishing at-scale

Zoomin for Jive® allows you to quickly publish large amounts of content from a variety of structured content formats, such as DITA or Madcap Flare®, directly from your content management system or authoring tool. Each publication is self-contained and maintains its hierarchical structure. Publishing can be fully automated, saving you time and money and enabling agile documentation practices. Content updates are seamless and maintain all previous social activity intact.

Make product content easily searchable

Zoomin for Jive® increases the visibility of your documentation. Your published content is easily accessible through the internal community search as well as through a standard web search. Customers can search for content using full-text search, tags and keywords or drill down to the right topic by using graphically rich landing pages and a dynamically generated table of contents. Users always know where they are in the publication hierarchy thanks to dynamically generated navigational links and breadcrumbs.

Share, collaborate and track

Share your documentation through your Jive® community. Community managers and support specialists can easily respond to customer queries with a link to the relevant topic within the Jive®-published product documentation. Employees and customers can provide feedback in the form of comments and ratings that can flow directly into your authoring workflow. Feedback can also be collected using Jive® analytics, providing a granular view of the content customers are looking for and the value of each topic.

Enable collaborative content review

Enable agile and collaborative review of documentation before it is made available to the public. Documentation can be published to the community in draft mode for the review of trusted employees and subject matter experts, allowing for rapid and efficient review cycles. Once feedback is implemented, authors can re-publish the content and open it up to the wider community audience.

Direct customers from within your application

Increase traffic to your Jive® community and enhance your applications’ context-sensitive help. Zoomin for Jive® enables seamless context-sensitive help redirection to the appropriate topic in Jive® directly from your application.


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“Now we can publish our docs directly to Jive with the click of a button.”

Marya DeVoto, Documentation Manager

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