Mirakl selects Zoomin to empower users to self-serve with intuitive access to personalized product information

When a leading provider of marketplace solutions becomes a customer, it’s a day for celebration.


Today is that day for Zoomin.


We are incredibly excited to share that Mirakl is implementing Zoomin to deliver a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly product content experience to their customers. If you’re not familiar, this multi-billion-dollar unicorn is a leading marketplace platform that powers more than 300 enterprise marketplaces, helping companies transform to a platform business. 

The brand helping brands succeed online

You probably do a lot of shopping on online stores. Sometimes, you’ll see that the brand doesn’t have the specific item you want in stock. In this case, they might recommend some third-party sellers you can purchase from via the store you’re already in. Mirakl helps companies launch and scale marketplaces to ensure they are meeting rising customer expectations.  The company has invested significantly in its customer enablement and product experience in recent years and choosing Zoomin is an extension of these initiatives. Zoomin will allow Mirakl to build on this innovation by delivering a world-class experience to end users looking for detailed product information. 

How Zoomin is helping simplify knowledge journeys

Zoomin will unify documentation across Mirakl’s many content tools into an intuitive resource center, giving system integrators, marketplace teams, and sellers within Mirakl’s customer base a single source of truth for product answers. Using Zoomin, Mirakl will also deliver documentation into their in-product help tool to assist customers with context-sensitive content right where they are and when they need it. 

Customers can use the resource center to confidently obtain immediate answers about products and services, without making a call to support. Meanwhile, a personalized view of the portal ensures customers see technical content relevant to products they use. When the content changes, the portal automatically notifies customers, so they always have immediate access to the most up-to-date information. 

Using content to drive continuous improvement and a better experience

In addition to providing customers with a great experience and streamlining internal processes, Mirakl will have access to Zoomin’s analytics engine which offers unprecedented insight into how customers interact with their content, with insights that feed continuous optimization of customers’ digital self-service experience. 

“It is undeniable that today’s B2B customers are looking for experiences on par with B2C,” says our CEO Gal Oron. “We are thrilled to provide Mirakl users with a personalized, seamless and accessible product content experience. Today’s customers want to be empowered to explore and problem-solve and together we’ll ensure that Mirakl’s customers find all the relevant information they need where they need it.”   

“A strong product experience involves meeting customer expectations of self-service and personalization,” says Isabelle Bénard, Chief Product Officer at Mirakl. “By leveraging Zoomin’s solution, Mirakl can now provide our customers with a personalized, tailored knowledge experience that empowers them to solve problems on their own.”

“As our content scales alongside our product evolution, we realized that there was a real need for a unified Mirakl Help Center to enable our customers to independently solve their product problems.” says Sabine Berland, Product Content Manager at Mirakl. “Now, Zoomin’s knowledge orchestration technology has allowed us to do just that. We look forward to seeing how the new portal both improves customer self-service and makes our customer support more efficient.”