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  1. Today, technology pushes the boundaries faster and better than before. In the context of product documentation, it constantly reshapes the way information are delivered. To keep up with and stay ahead of changes, here are ways to make your product documentation updated and useful to users.

  2. Technology can be a barrier between you and your customers. It can depersonalize your brand. But at the same time, given the right approach, it can strengthen your connection and enable you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers—that is where your product documentation comes in.

  3. Customers today are impatient. They want everything fast, convenient, and done in their own terms. A byproduct of on-demand services pioneered by companies such as eBay (ecommerce), Uber (transport), and Instacart (grocery delivery), it follows that customers most probably expect the same from any business they interact with. How does yours keep up?

  4. Knowledge resides in every part of the organizational system, including your employees, their tasks and outputs, and the tools they use. With its wide reach within the organization, it makes sense to leverage product documentation to encourage knowledge transfer.

  5. Product documentation makes it possible for multiple departments to have the same access to the latest product changes which not only informs people, but also empowers them to make quality decisions and actions that support the overall strategy of the organization.

  6. When designing or overhauling your product documentation, you must put your customers in mind and create a portal that makes sense to their journey. Reduce their difficulty by minimizing or eliminating complexity in their quest for answers.

Posts by Gal Oron

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