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  1. Considering the main question of resources which include time, skills, and budget, there are two main routes to go when creating your technical resource center: Either you build, or you buy. Let’s see how the two differs and weigh your options.

  2. Operating a business or heading a department responsible for growth, it is most likely that you spend majority of your time and resources devising ways to attract and retain customers. But aside from the usual outbound and inbound marketing and sales strategies, have you ever considered if there are any barriers that prevent your customers from accessing your products and services (and their respective documentation)?

  3. Mobile-friendly product documentation guarantees it doesn’t stay dormant and miss the opportunities to engage customers and provide exceptional mobile user experiences.

  4. In the context of customer service, your customers know and value when a business is genuinely helping them out solve their issues. Being creatures of emotions, they are always ready to give a compliment if their experience with your business is positive. But remember, they are also likely to share the negatives ones.

  5. Keeping pace with rapid technological change, product documentation needs to evolve. A dynamic documentation portal opens a world of possibilities for technical writers as it augments their work and enables them to have time to focus on more important tasks such creating innovative, tangible value to readers—the customers.

  6. Business innovation matters today more than ever. Product documentation is not only a beneficial tool for consumers, but is also a rich source of information for companies, providing them with consumer and industry insights. Learn how you can leverage your product documentation portal to facilitate innovation

Posts by Hannan Saltzman

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