Attending a professional conference is a fun and engaging way to energize your career, discover new opportunities, expand your network, and build professional relationships that will last for years to come.

Now that life is starting to go back to normal, more and more conferences are opening their doors to live events, inviting doc writers from all over the world to network and inspire.

A great conference will provide you with practical tools and knowledge, teach you about the successes and failures of leaders in your field, and help you discover trends and technologies that are moving your industry forward. Some conferences offer hybrid or strictly virtual programs, accommodating people’s needs during the pandemic.

So without further ado, here are the top 11 conferences to attend in 2022 if you work in the creation, strategy, implementation or management of technical communications:

  1. ContentTECH Summit (May 31 - June 2, San Diego, CA)
  2. AIIP Annual Conference (April 27-29, Virtual)
  3. ConVEx (May 2-4, Tempe, AZ)
  4. Confab (May 9-12, Minneapolis, MN)
  5. Technical Communication Summit (May 15-18, Rosemont, Il)
  6. Omnichannel X (June 13-15, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  7. CIDM Best Practices (September 19-21, Baltimore, MD)
  8. Digital Experience Conference (October, Hybrid & Washington, DC)
  9. LavaCon (October 23-26, New Orleans, LA)
  10. tcworld conference (November 8-19, Stuttgart, Germany and online)
  11. CCMS Link (Postponed, Montreal)

ContentTECH Summit

Date: May 31 - June 2, 2022

‍Location: In-person event, San Diego, CA

‍Unlike most of the other conferences on this list, ContentTECH Summit is geared towards professionals at the intersection of content, technology and strategy – including directors, VPs and executives in marketing, innovation, demand generation, customer experience and ecommerce.

Attendees will learn from experts in content strategy and marketing strategy, who will show how the use of new technologies and better processes can help you create, manage, deliver and scale your enterprise content and provide customers with better digital experiences.

AIIP Annual Conference

Date: April 27-29

‍Location: Virtual

The AIIP 2022 Annual Conference is a top choice for information professionals who are running their own business. It’s a great opportunity to meet other business owners in the field, learn from dynamic speakers, and collaborate with like-minded peers who may become professional collaborators.

The program offers pre-conference workshops on topics such as online search, and attracting clients through social media. The conference includes a range of interesting sessions and workshops, with topics ranging from business-planning techniques to opportunities in emerging industries to working in a gig economy.

It’s organized by the Association of Independent Information Professionals, an international network of independent business owners running info-centric business. They provide a variety of services that equip AIIP members for ongoing business success.


Date: May 2-4

‍Location: In-person event, Tempe, AZ

ConVEx is a global all-in-one conference created as a replacement for DITA North America, Journeys and DITA Europe. CIDM is presenting it as an immersive experience designed to share ideas and information that enable content developers to define and execute a comprehensive content strategy. With insights from over 80 presenters, ConVex invites both Novice and Master creators of content across the organization.

CIDM (Center for Information Development Management) is a member organization that brings together managers in the field of information development to share information about current trends and best practices.


Date: May 9-12, 2022

‍Location: In-person event, Minneapolis, MN.

Confab is for people who plan, design, build, or manage content – not just technical communicators, but also content strategists, UX designers, content marketers, writers, editors, content managers, and more. The conference aims to help these professionals make their content better for their users and organizations.

Organized by Brain Traffic, this leading content strategy conference draws attendees from more than 30 countries and every state in the US, including professionals from Fortune 500 brands, retailers, nonprofits, government institutions, and agencies of every size.

The program spans several areas related to content strategy, such as:

  • Website content strategy
  • Content design for digital products
  • Enterprise content ops
  • SEO for findability
  • Analytics and performance
  • Workflows and stakeholder management
  • Content accessibility and inclusivity
  • Growing your career in content

Technical Communication Summit

Date: May 15-18, 2022

‍ Location: In-person event, at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, in Rosemont, Illinois.

The Society for Technical Communication is the world’s largest and oldest professional association dedicated to the advancement of the field of technical communication. The Society’s members span the field of the technical communication profession from students and academics to practitioners and managers, and represent every industry segment and many countries around the globe.

Attracting over 650 attendees and 40 exhibitors, this is considered one of the premier conferences for education and networking among technical communicators. This year’s theme is “The Booming Business of Content: A New Era, New Opportunities,” intertwining content and communications overlapping functions and joining together a wide variety of knowledge workers.

This year, to offer speakers more flexibility, the Conference Committee is focusing sessions on topics instead of tracks. Sessions will be designated for specific experience levels.

Meanwhile, in the expo hall, companies will be demonstrating new and exciting products, services, and technologies for the world of technical communication.

The conference is hosted by the Society for Technical Communicators, the world’s largest and oldest professional association dedicated to the advancement of the field of technical communication. Discounted registration rates are available for STC members, students and retirees.

Omnichannel X

Date: June 13-15, 2022. ‍

Location: In-person event, Amsterdam Airport, The Netherlands

‍Omnichannel X is uniquely dedicated to helping organizations build strong personal relationships with their audience. It brings together managers and teams across the four key disciplines needed for omnichannel success: content, design, governance and systems.

Organized by Urbina Consulting and Kunverj, this conference features speakers and brands who will share their success stories, their failures, and techniques they’ve used to orchestrate and personalize content across multiple touchpoints. Topics will range from content strategy to service design, content marketing and UX.

The 2022 event will focus on topics such as:

  • Omnichannel strategy
  • Omnichannel experience and service design
  • Omnichannel systems, platform and data strategies
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize omnichannel experiences
  • Personalization and adaptive content modelling
  • Customer journey and experience mapping
  • Chatbots, voice interaction and conversational UIs
  • Data lakes and digital asset management to support omnichannel
  • Strategies and standards that bridge silos for the betterment of omnichannel experience
  • Content strategy and content engineering for omnichannel

CIDM Best Practices

Date: September 19-21

‍Location: In-person event, Baltimore, MD

In its 24th year, The CIDM ‍Best Practices remains the premier annual conference for managers and senior leaders in information development from across the US and internationally. Another long-standing event organized by CIDM, it’s a great opportunity to build relationships with other professionals and collaborate on industry best practices.

Digital Experience Summit

Date: October 2022

‍Location: Hybrid event, Washington, DC

Digital Experience Summit has been the #1 conference series for customer experience leaders in the digital space for 8 years. In this New Reality explore the endless possibilities in this new world of digitally fluent customers, expecting personalized experiences in an omnichannel world.

Although technical communication isn’t the focus of this conference, you can meet with and learn from digital experience experts in the fields of technology, marketing and business. It’s hosted by EContent, a leading authority on digital publishing, media and marketing.

In this 2-day virtual experience, thought leaders, subject matter experts and in-the-weeds practitioners will share the engines of their success to building digital customer experiences using the latest data and insights applications, and strategic reimagining for optimized digital experience programs leading the way in customer growth, retention and profitability They will present how the creation and management of high-quality content, measurement and analysis of customer interactions, as well as consistent user interfaces across channels, impact customers’ digital experiences.

Topics will include:

  • CX strategy and marketing priorities for 2022
  • Customer listening, Voice of Customer and contact center optimization
  • KPIs and silo busting practices that guide a customer-centric culture
  • CX strategy and the customer conundrum: data privacy v. personalization
  • Game-changing solutions: composable DXP, low-code, AI and more


Date: October 23-26, 2022

‍Location: In-person event, New Orleans, LA

‍With a name inspired by its Hawaiian roots, the LavaCon content strategy conference helps senior content professionals stay ahead of authoring and publishing technologies. This year’s conference will be hosted in New Orleans, with a focus on unifying content from silos across the enterprise, leveraging new immersive technologies, and creating stellar content experiences.

LavaCon features dozens of industry professionals who share best practices, case studies and unique strategies, and is known as a great opportunity to network with industry peers. There is also an exhibit hall and several fun activities to attend.

tcworld conference

Date: November 8-19, 2022

‍Location: Stuttgart, Germany and online

‍‍tcworld conference is the largest international event in the field of technical communication, catering to both beginners and experienced professionals in the field. It offers more than 175 live lectures, tool presentations, meetups and tutorials in English and German. It will play host to about 4,500 experts in the field, and feature lectures, exhibitors, workshops, tutorials and meetups covering topics such as:

  • Content strategy
  • Content analytics
  • Content design, organization and standardization
  • Information products
  • Developing and applying terminology
  • Optimizing production processes
  • Visual design
  • Translation and localization
  • Quality assurance
  • Information logistics

This conference is held in conjunction with the tekom fair, which features more than 160 international exhibitors serving the creation, management and quality of structured information products.


Date: Postponed

‍Location: Montreal, Quebec

‍CCMS Link is an opportunity to get up-close and personal with the people behind the popular IXIASOFT CCMS (component content management system). Attendees can network with the IXIASOFT community as they learn from case studies, workshops and presentations by experts

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