3 Ways Product Documentation Can Win Customers with Micro-Moments

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November 20, 2017

When was the last time you used an Internet-connected device to learn, find, or buy something? Probably within the past 24 hours. Every time we turn to our smartphone or tablet because we want help to inform our choices and make decisions, we create opportunities for brands to influence us.

These spontaneous, real-time, and task-driven engagements are called “micro-moments”, a term coined by Google. Micro-moments dynamically change the customer journey, providing critical touchpoints that when added together can ultimately determine how that journey ends. Just consider the following:

  • 91% of smartphone users turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task; and
  • 65% agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information.

In this new world of micro-moments, product documentation is a powerful tool that provides an authoritative, reliable, and valuable source of information. Inspired by the Google study, here’s how to prepare your product documentation to succeed in these micro-moments:

1. Presence

Micro-moments are spur of the moment actions. To effectively leverage product documentation in these scenarios, you must make it easily accessible and searchable. Make sure it automatically indexes to search engines, so that users can find the authorized information they want via Google, and not just through your company website. By being there in moments when customers truly need your resources, it can result to brand discovery, awareness, and eventually, loyalty.


2. Relevance

To truly make an impact in your customers’ micro-moments, it is important that the information your product documentation provides is highly relevant and contextual. You can increase customer engagement with elements like live filtering and search result previews, and pushing additional related documentation. Having feedback and sharing features not only allow easy follow ups with subject-matter experts and customers’ feedback, but also contribute to a more personalized and meaningful moment with customers.


3. Convenience

The main reason customers go to the Internet or their connected devices is because they want answers quick. In today’s multichannel digital space, customers can encounter your product documentation in various touchpoints, so it must enable effortless search across all content and channels. This ensures that users can quickly get the information they need—and companies can just as rapidly make a positive impression. Bonus: Optimize with analytics, so you can measure engagement and further improve not only convenience but also presence and relevance of your product documentation.

At Zoomin, our mission is to leverage your product content to ensure success throughout the customer journey. From your documentation portal to your social community, from web search to connected devices, with Zoomin your content will always be there for the people who need it: your customers.

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