4 Ways Great Product Content Can Improve Customer Loyalty & NPS

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May 3, 2017

It is widely understood that customer loyalty evaluation metrics and methodologies such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be used to improve product documentation. However, what is much less discussed—yet just as valuable—is flipping things around: Using product documentation to improve customer loyalty. Below we highlight 4 ways to make this happen.


  1. Drive Engagement

Enabling customers to comment on and rate product content is important—but it’s not enough to create the kind of “wow” experience that turns ordinary customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Here are some tips to drive engagement further:

  • Tell customers that you want, need and value their feedback on product content vs. assume they know this. Some of them probably don’t (or at least, would appreciate a friendly reminder).
  • Make it as easy as possible for customers to share their opinion regarding product content. If it’s an uphill non-intuitive task, all but the most aggravated customers will get involved (which will skew your analysis, and is bad for your blood pressure!)
  • Respond quickly to all feedback (either publicly or privately as appropriate), so that customers know and feel that their input matters.


  1. Increase Findability

 Your product content may be a valuable asset for driving loyalty, But if customers can’t find it, then it might as well not exist. Here are some tips to avoid this cruel fate and increase findability:

  • Use meaningful page titles that accurately describe the product content and make sense without navigational context.
  • Add internal links along lines of subject affinity.
  • Write structured content that targets a defined purpose.
  • Add keyword synonyms to content.
  • Use the latest SEO best practices, including effective use of semantic metadata.


  1. Get Personal

Customers don’t see personalization as a nice-to-have: it’s something they expect and demand; especially since your competitors are vying for their hearts and minds. Here are some tips for getting personal with your product content:

  • Lean on sales and support teams to build customer personas, and use this psychographic information to create and distribute product content at all stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Perform external research and competitive analysis to understand what’s working in your industry/marketplace and why.
  • Use technology that can adapt content in real-time based on prospect and customer input and behavior.


  1. Collaborate to Improve Relevance

Loop all relevant SMEs into content development and delivery, so that you can exploit all available knowledge capital to improve product content relevance – and ultimately foster appreciative, loyal customers. As noted by Innovatia’s Shona O’Flaherty: “In collaboration with SMEs, everyone brings something different to the table that is essential to documentation quality.”

Of course, collaboration – especially when it comes to product content – can be easier said than done. Here are some tips to streamline workflows and prevent bottlenecks:

  • Carefully select the right collaborative authoring tool(s) based on relevant factors, including: UI, editing/version control, markdown support, real-time co-authoring, notifications, file management, import/export, mobile support, offline usage, TCO, vendor support, integrations, etc.
  • Don’t use PDFs! Make commenting and changing product content efficient and easy (or else SMEs won’t do it).
  • Brand product content as a valuable organizational asset and not just “information”.
  • Be mindful that “people issues” can emerge—have systems and strategies in place to deal with this.


The Bottom Line

 Great product content isn’t a magic wand that creates loyal customers and drives up NPS. But it certainly has a major role to play on both ends of the loyalty spectrum. That is, product content fosters loyalty when it’s engaging, findable, personalized and relevant. Conversely, it triggers disappointment—and ultimately creates ex-customers—when any of these are missing from the mix.


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