How Company Politics Is Affecting Your Content

January 28, 2019

Your organization is divided and it’s impacting your content.

Stop for a moment and try to map out all of your company’s content.

Your technical writers are working with your Product team to craft guides in your documentation portal. Another team of writers is working with R&D to create documentation for another product in a separate platform. Support wants a Knowledge Base for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), a customer community, and a service cloud. One of your R&D teams can’t get by without a platform for their API documentation, but what they don’t know is that another team has already set up a library elsewhere.

It’s organized chaos. The rapid pace at which your company’s content grows can have a frightening effect on productivity: 44% of the time, workers can’t find the information required to do their jobs. Additionally, 61% of workers have to regularly access four or more systems to get the information they need to do their jobs.

The creation of content silos results in customers and internal users being unable to locate the information they require and users receiving an inconsistent experience.

The Challenges

Seek and you shall find… sometimes

This inability to locate content across multiple platforms has a negative impact on your business and your customers. According to IDC reports, 90% of support agents’ time was spent just trying to find the right information, while 10% went toward the support task itself.  The result of information not being unified is that it becomes difficult and time-consuming to find, often requiring separate searches in disconnected systems.

Error: broken customer experience

Even with the strictest brand guidelines, content displayed on different platforms will not appear the same. Each platform comes with its own look and feel. This results in each location that your content is displayed appearing differently. Your customers receive an inconsistent brand experience that undoes much of the hard work that you have invested in building your brand and creating your brand guidelines.

The truth will set you free… if you can find it

Content exists in multiple sources, which often contradict one another. In response to this, support agents open tickets to verify which source is correct. Often, the need to involve the authors themselves complicates these support cases, resulting in wasted time and support resources.

The Solutions

So how can a company overcome the challenge of its segmented and isolated content?

Content is accurate and everywhere

The most likely situation is that politics has prevailed and your organization decides to use multiple platforms (after all, each has its own benefits) then the aim should be to funnel all of these sources to a central delivery platform to create a consistent user experience.  Through a unified delivery solution, you are able to deliver content consistency across all platforms. This seemingly small step will set your content apart.

While your various teams take different approaches and use different tools, unite them around the central goal of your company—to make customers successful.