The internet helps us do two things - save time and waste time.

The same can be said for mobile apps.

When reducing complexity or helping us find answers quickly, dynamically served content saves us time. When it’s so easy to find information we didn’t know we were interested in, we end up spending more time than intended consuming it.

How is content we consume - or binge on - in our personal lives impacting expectations for B2B brands?

This reflection is about big wins in the consumer world that raise expectations for B2B content – and how content can unite marketing and customer experiences.

How to Master Using Marketing and Customer Experience to Support Each Other with Yanique Grant and yours truly. In this Navigating the Customer Experience podcast, Yanique and I discuss how Marketing and Customer Experience rely on each other, how content drives loyalty, and how Brooks Shoes and TikTok are leading the consumerization of content - at least in my world. Find this on your favorite podcast player and listen while on-the-move!

Brooksrunning.com Shoe Finder Research | Usability Testing | QA by Jess Daiger. If you listen to my podcast (above) with Yanique Grant, you know how the Shoe Finder app made me a loyal Brooks customer. But how did the content designers make it happen? In three paragraphs, Jess describes how Brooks increased customer confidence and decreased return rates by improving their content. She makes it sound so simple, doesn’t she?

This is exactly how TikTok decides what goes on your ‘For You Page’ by Lydia Venn. Nothing wastes time more than TikTok - or so I’ve heard. If you listened to the podcast, you’ll know that I’m a failure when it comes to using TikTok. But, I’m fascinated by how the app convinces masses of people to engage through hyper-personalization using a recommendation engine that takes into account your settings, behavior, and feedback. Lydia presents the short version of the story, so you won't waste any time.

This article was originally published in Megan Gilhooly’s Friday Reflection, where she shares her unique perspective on recent events and how they pertain to customer experience, content strategy and business leadership. Megan is VP of Customer Experience at Zoomin and previously led global content teams at AWS, Amazon and Ping Identity. Subscribe to her weekly newsletter.

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