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  1. Keepers of the Content: How to Find the Balance Between Publicizing and Gating Your Product Content

  2. Today, the documentation is so much more than “something that comes with the product”. It is an independent entity, available to users through different channels. It is also the means of communicating with the customers. Here are 5 Ways Zoomin Docs enables you to control the documentation.

  3. Today, technology pushes the boundaries faster and better than before. In the context of product documentation, it constantly reshapes the way information are delivered. To keep up with and stay ahead of changes, here are ways to make your product documentation updated and useful to users.

  4. Considering the main question of resources which include time, skills, and budget, there are two main routes to go when creating your technical resource center: Either you build, or you buy. Let’s see how the two differs and weigh your options.

  5. Operating a business or heading a department responsible for growth, it is most likely that you spend majority of your time and resources devising ways to attract and retain customers. But aside from the usual outbound and inbound marketing and sales strategies, have you ever considered if there are any barriers that prevent your customers from accessing your products and services (and their respective documentation)?

  6. Technology can be a barrier between you and your customers. It can depersonalize your brand. But at the same time, given the right approach, it can strengthen your connection and enable you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers—that is where your product documentation comes in.

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