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  1. Product documentation makes it possible for multiple departments to have the same access to the latest product changes which not only informs people, but also empowers them to make quality decisions and actions that support the overall strategy of the organization.

  2. When designing or overhauling your product documentation, you must put your customers in mind and create a portal that makes sense to their journey. Reduce their difficulty by minimizing or eliminating complexity in their quest for answers.

  3. Business innovation matters today more than ever. Product documentation is not only a beneficial tool for consumers, but is also a rich source of information for companies, providing them with consumer and industry insights. Learn how you can leverage your product documentation portal to facilitate innovation

  4. A dynamic product documentation portal is already a powerful technology tool, and by putting yourself in your end users’ shoes, you can ultimately help them increase their productivity.

  5. Everywhere you look, the easy availability of technology to both customers and businesses are rapidly changing customer expectations and experience. In a fast-paced digital and engaged world, this makes creating a meaningful customer experience an important part of any business strategy.

  6. In 1995, it was only less than one percent. But in 2016, around 46% of the world population already has

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