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  1. In today’s “Age of the Customer”, a growing number of companies are cultivating dynamic online communities where customers congregate to get and share information, post and read reviews, brainstorm solutions and ideas, and engage in organic, yet structured dialogue about brands and offerings.

  2. The role of technical content isn’t just to deliver competent information. It’s also to create engagement, build relationships, and advance prospects…

  3. Today’s customers are rewarding companies that deliver a consistent, seamless and agreeable experience across the buyer’s journey .

  4. To point your organization in the right direction, here are 7 tips to improve first call resolution so you can show – rather than tell – customers that “their call is important to you”.

  5. For years, tech writers have successfully instituted single-source publishing. However, when they are expected to apply this approach in a multi-source publishing environment, the concept breaks down – and the dream of streamlined efficiency and greater ease, often turns into a nightmare of extra work and added stress.

  6. The growing importance of customer experience means that technical writer’s best days are ahead. Here are 5 ways technical writers can lead the customer experience bus!

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