How can personalized content lead to better results? And what are the product content trends of the future?

These are questions which we set out to answer in the infographic below. While the majority of technical writers choose to rely on the tried and tested practices of the field, artificial intelligence has revealed itself to be where the future of the industry lies. Your ability to deliver - or fail to deliver - personalized content to each individual user will be what separates you from your competition in the near future.  According to the 2018 Salesforce report, 'The Power of One Click: How AI is leading Personalization into the future' - the ability to provide a more personalized experience leads to significantly higher user satisfaction and loyalty. With 72% of users expecting vendors to personalize engagement to their needs. The key to taking full advantage of this solution is the willingness to adopt new technology solutions that will enable you to deliver this personalized experience.

The following infographic illustrates of the scope of content personalization. You can further expand your knowledge on product content personalization by viewing this recording of our webinar - Actualizing Role-Based And Personalized Content.

Key Findings:

  1. Longer session length: Users that clicked on a personalized content recommendation spent an average of 12.9 minutes on-site vs. just 2.9 minutes for those that didn't click recommendations.
  2. More returning users: Users who click on a personalized recommendation are 2X more likely to return compared to users who didn't click on a recommendation.
  3. 78% of users believe organizations that provide custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.

Bringing personalization and recommendations into your product content increases the impact of your documentation and builds brand loyalty. To learn more and see personalization in action, check out our webinar What’s Up, Doc(S)? Bringing The Global Personalization Trend Into Documentation.

You can also learn more about the business impact of personalization in documentation – from avoiding information overload to providing a better customer experience – in this STC Intercom by Scott Abel: "It's Time We Start Personalizing Technical Documentation Experiences".

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