Today’s Technical Writer – Independent and In Charge

October 27, 2018

5 Ways Zoomin Docs Enables You to Control the Documentation
(No more waiting for others!)

At one point, the documentation meant the “manuals” that came with the product. If there was a product release, then there was also a documentation release that came along with it.  If there was a delay in the product release, the documentation was not released to the public until the product was ready.

Today, the documentation is so much more than “something that comes with the product”. It is an independent entity, available to users through different channels. It is also the means of communicating with the customers.

Today, as a technical writer using Zoomin Docs, I am in charge. I release and update topics as needed – sometimes, even a few times a day. I control the classification of the topics, the Context Sensitive Help, and I can respond directly to customer feedback.

  1. Publish, Publish, Publish
    I can publish as many times as I want without involving anyone else.  No more waiting for the “next release”
  • Did someone catch a typo – no problem, I’ll fix it, and it will be gone from our knowledge base immediately – before anyone else sees it.
  • The SMEs finally answered my questions about the new feature, I’ll have the new topics up and available for the customers to see in minutes.
  • The graphic designer sent the final images – great – upload them now!

Whether it is using the Zoomin Docs Dita-OT plugin, or, the Zoomin Docs continuous publishing service, you can upload your content whenever you want, as many times as you want.  With Zoomin Docs, your content is a constant “work in motion”.

  1. Easy control of the topic tagging
    In the same way that publishing content can be constantly updated, so can the classification of the content.
  • I just thought of a new keyword that should be used to tag a topic. I’m going to add it now
  • Something was accidentally marked as “Public” and it should be “Admin Only” – I can change it immediately

In addition, using Zoomin Docs macros, I can tag all the topics in a book at once, by tagging on the publication level.

  1. View drafts online, even better than WYSIWYG editor
    Since I control the permissions, I can tag topics as drafts that are only available to technical writers and the SMEs that are reviewing them.
  • Should this information be in a table or a list? Let me try it both ways, and see which presents it better.
  • Should this graphic be at the beginning of the procedure, or inside a step? Let me try both ways, and send it out to some colleagues for their opinion.

As soon as the topics are ready, I just have to change the “draft” tag to the appropriate user tagging.

  1. Context Sensitive Help (CSH) – No more broken links!
    With Intelligent CSH, you can stop using mapping files.
  • There is no need to hard code CSH calls with IDs.
  • Each CSH call runs an “on the fly” facet search and presents the most up-to-date information in the search results.

I don’t have to update the front-end developers every time I add or delete a topic!

  1. Analytics and Feedback from Users

Zoomin Docs analytics tools and User Feedback features, help me see what content has been useful to my users, and what content seems to be unnecessary or needs improvement.


Today, what I write is so much more available to the users. They do not require a copy of “the book”. Instead they can access the content within seconds, on their phone. Today, I need to manage the content with the same kind of ease. I cannot depend on others to publish and deliver.


Zoomin Docs enables technical writers to seamlessly access, update on-demand, and manage the content.


Monica is the Senior Technical Writer at Zoomin Software and has 14 years of experience in technical writing. In addition to managing content, she enjoys being her family’s “chief operations officer”, where with her husband, they are raising 5 great kids.

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