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  1. Product documentation makes it possible for multiple departments to have the same access to the latest product changes which not only informs people, but also empowers them to make quality decisions and actions that support the overall strategy of the organization.

  2. In the interests of accuracy and authenticity – and to rehabilitate product documentation from being a necessary expense (which it isn’t) to a profitable asset (which it should be) – here are six fundamental errors that many companies, including those that are successful and growing, get wrong.

  3. Here are seven care instructions for overworked and underappreciated technical writers that, once adopted, will make a massive difference in their professional and personal experience

  4. Customers who head into a knowledge base aren’t, as the term suggests, seeking to obtain information. Yes, that’s part of the equation, But their end game is to answer questions and solve problems. In other words: customers don’t merely want knowledge from knowledge bases. They want – and expect – learning.

  5. In today’s “Age of the Customer”, a growing number of companies are cultivating dynamic online communities where customers congregate to get and share information, post and read reviews, brainstorm solutions and ideas, and engage in organic, yet structured dialogue about brands and offerings.

  6. The role of technical content isn’t just to deliver competent information. It’s also to create engagement, build relationships, and advance prospects…

Category Archives: Blog