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  1. Two related shifts have taken place over the last few years that have changed the customer experience game for all businesses, whether they are large multinational enterprises or small dynamic startups.

  2. Explore the love between product documentation and five acronyms that reign supreme across the sales, marketing and support worlds: CES, NPS, SEO, CSS and FCR.

  3. In order for a dynamic publishing system to be an investment instead of an expense, it must close two gaps: one that is obvious, and one that is often overlooked – and invariably reveals that a chosen system is not a total solution.

  4. In the interests of accuracy and authenticity – and to rehabilitate product documentation from being a necessary expense (which it isn’t) to a profitable asset (which it should be) – here are six fundamental errors that many companies, including those that are successful and growing, get wrong.

  5. Conventional support sites, rather than empowering customers, are more likely to frustrate them. There are three fundamental reasons for this, and they are all rooted in flawed assumptions regarding direction, documentation and device.

  6. Here are seven care instructions for overworked and underappreciated technical writers that, once adopted, will make a massive difference in their professional and personal experience

Category Archives: Blog

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