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Zoomin Docs extends the reach of your product documentation, giving your customers easy and personalized access to the answers they need from any location or device. Provide customers with a single portal that moves your content from a world of documents to a world of answers.



Help your customers
get things done

Improve the customer experience by providing immediate and precise answers at all stages of the customer journey.


Reduce support

Lower support costs and reduce case tickets by promoting self-service and enabling customers to find answers in one central location.


Make the most out of your product documentation

Leverage your content investment to increase sales and brand loyalty while enhancing the customer journey.

Enable enterprise-grade dynamic publishing

Seamlessly deliver your product documentation and support articles with Zoomin’s dynamic publishing solution. Personalize content for viewers and allow customers to assemble personalized publications from content that is relevant to them. Easily publish structured documentation right from your CMS or authoring tool.

Extend your brand to provide a seamless and personalized content experience

Provide customer support and product knowledge expertise via one central hub that is fully customized to your brand look and feel, with responsive design that is optimized for every device. Make product documentation an integral part of your web site. Add a personal touch to the user experience by providing customers, prospects and partners with relevant content based on their user profile.

Leverage your intelligent content to provide instant & precise answers

Allow users to search across all publications through a single hub. Zoomin Docs provides powerful full-text search and faceted search capabilities. Improve the customer experience with targeted content and apply flexible taxonomy-driven facets to your content search.

Provide consistent answers from within your software application

Zoomin’s intelligent context-sensitive help enables semantic facet-driven retrieval of the same up-to-date product information that is available through your portal. By utilizing fuzzy search and auto-fallback rules, Zoomin always presents the most relevant content, ensuring that your customer’s questions are always answered.

Listen to your audience & optimize your documentation

Engage users and invite them to share, comment and rate your content. Gather feedback from your customer base and streamline content contribution and review by your subject matter experts. Track usage and interactions with easy integration to Google Analytics and other analytics platforms. Gain business insights and content ideas based on content consumption and feedback. Use this knowledge to improve content relevance and quality with agile documentation releases

Maintain enterprise security standards & entitlements

Zoomin Docs is available in both SaaS and on premise deployment. Zoomin Docs enables enterprises to ensure that content is protected and served only to those who are authorized to view it. With a flexible role-based authorization and authentication model, including SAML 2.0 based Single Sign On support, you can easily configure which content is available to specific audiences. Protect sensitive content by applying dynamic security watermarks that allow you to trace content back to the user who downloaded it.

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“Zoomin understands the potential of structured content and they have a real future-facing view of where we can go with our content delivery.”

Anne Grosvenor, Director of Technical Communications

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