Support should be a last-mile solution. Not the first point of call

Radically reduce support inquiries by transforming your complex product information library into an intuitive self-serve experience.

Deliver an intuitive
self-service experience

83% of customers want to resolve product issues independently, with only 6% preferring to contact support as soon as they encounter one.

Yet outdated, inconsistent and unreliable content experiences are killing your customers’ confidence and ability to self-serve. In fact, customers say it takes around 7 minutes to find an answer. In a world where any answer in the universe can be found in under a second, 7 minutes is an eternity.

When customers can’t easily find the information they need, this creates frustrated customers, demoralized support teams and higher support costs.

Zoomin helps you create a digital-first support culture by delivering fast, intuitive and frustration-free content experiences in your support site, community and agent portal.

By providing a unified, personalized view across your entire content base at every channel, customers have the confidence to answer their own questions and use your support teams only when they really need them.

…because customers don’t want to burden your support team any more than you do!

Give customers & employees product answers in their support centre, agent portal & community

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Deliver a unified experience  in your Experience Cloud and Service Cloud.

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Deliver a unified experience in your ServiceNow Service Portal.

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What’s incredible about this project is that it started as a way to help customers self-serve, but it has grown to become an enterprise resource that directly supports the efforts of the marketing, support, community, and R&D departments.

Rick Teplitz
Documentation and Project Manager

Don’t make your customers work hard to know how to use your product

Cut your support tickets in half

Your team is too valuable to be wasting time answering basic, avoidable questions. Create a self-service-first culture that empowers customers to resolve issues and eliminate unnecessary product questions from your support pipeline to cut costs in half.

Empower support agents to deliver faster, better service

Give you support team an intuitive, unified view of all your content so they can proactively offer fast, personalized and relevant support that gets customers on their way.

Data-driven preemptive Success

Create a data-driven content strategy by understanding how users interact with your content, what they’re searching for, and what they’re struggling to find.

Knowledge is power

Turn your customers and teams into powerhouses of knowledge.

Of users find self-serving technical content a painful experience
Of customers say they aren’t confident they’ll find the right answer
of support tickets can be avoided through better content experiences
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