Product Content: The Missing Piece In Your Marketing Strategy

Marketers are constantly devising new ways to promote their products or services. But there’s a hidden resource you can use to attract high-quality traffic, drive sales and increase the value of your existing customers. It's called product content.

Companies are already producing this valuable content in vast quantities, from user guides to documentation to knowledge base articles. People rely on it when they’re in your product, researching their next purchase, or don’t even know what they’re looking for yet.

For 99% of companies, product content is an entirely untapped marketing channel. They’re missing key opportunities to engage prospects and drive additional revenue from existing customers.

In this eBook, we'll reveal how you can turn this existing content into a strategic business asset.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How product content impacts your marketing and business goals
  • How to use it to drive traffic, leads and sales
  • How it boosts brand awareness and customer satisfaction

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