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Enterprise Search Software

Zoomin is a software platform that is designed to help businesses create product content experiences that are simple and intuitive for customers. When a company offers complicated products, it can be beneficial to provide ways for customers to learn about the products and solve problems on their own. Enterprise search software can help make product information discoverable to customers by enabling businesses to publish consistent product content even as the product evolves and information changes. This can make it possible for customers to independently solve the issues they encounter with a product, as well as potentially enable them to discover new ways to use their product to its fullest capability. Before you ask yourself “what is enterprise search?” let’s take a look  at a few enterprise search examples. Enterprise search software can provide many different kinds of benefits for businesses, including the ability to improve their customers’ product content experience. A product content management platform can also be used to gain important insights that could be used to better the customer’s self-service experience. When customers have reliable access to useful product content, they can learn about the products they use and understand how to solve problems whenever they occur. Some customers prefer this process over a traditional customer support experience. Enterprise search software can ensure that customers are able to access the product information they need to serve themselves and answer their own questions. Customers can use enterprise search software to help them easily find information about products that they may need in order to learn how to use the product or to troubleshoot problems with the product. Businesses can benefit from enterprise search software by significantly reducing the time and effort that is required in order to publish product content and keep it accurate and up to date.

What Is Enterprise Search Software

Search engine software allows users to search for information and be easily connected with the answers they need to solve whatever problems they are encountering. Or, sometimes, one might use a search engine not to solve a problem, but simply to learn more about a topic or improve a skill. But what is enterprise search software? When customers purchase products or services from a company, they need a way to learn about how to use and/or maintain these products and services, especially if they are particularly complicated or technologically advanced. Someone who needs more information about a product in order to use or troubleshoot it effectively could go through the traditional customer service channels and solve their product’s issue with the help of a customer service agent. However, this process can sometimes be inconvenient and time-consuming for the customer, so it can improve customer experience by a considerable degree if customers have an option to help themselves by searching for product information online. Some customers prefer a self-service experience even if they have an advanced question that others would rather leave to a professional. For these customers, it can be a great benefit to customer experience if they are able to access comprehensive information about their product without requiring too much time or effort. Instead of relying on customer service for everything search software can help customers take control of their product knowledge and experience. All of this goes to show that enterprise search architecture can be helpful for enabling customers to access the information they need.

Best Enterprise Search Software

When you enter a search in any of the top 50 search engines, you probably expect to be immediately presented with a list of information from countless different sources. The best enterprise search software can function in a very similar way. Customers that want to learn more about the products or services they use or find out how to troubleshoot them could have a better customer experience if they are able to access accurate information no matter where they find it. A software platform like Zoomin can make it possible for businesses to publish product content that is consistent and correct without the hassle of manually updating every piece of documentation. Products are updated at such a fast pace that trying to supply customers with up-to-date information can sometimes feel like a losing battle, especially when the information exists in places where customers can easily access it. If customers stumble upon outdated information that a business has neglected to update, they may become confused about or frustrated with their product. In order to provide customers with a positive customer experience and keep them happy with their products, businesses could consider implementing software that enables them to update product content more efficiently. The best enterprise search software can give customers the ability to search for product content with the confidence that the information they discover will be accurate and useful.

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Uses Of Enterprise Search Software

There are some possible uses of enterprise search software that could benefit businesses and their customers. Businesses that understand how enterprise search software work could possibly provide a better customer experience for their customer base. The right software is capable of increasing the findability of a business’s product content so that customers are able to find the answers and information they need whenever they need it. Content can be automatically structured in a universal manner so that the customers searching for the content have an easier time locating and recognizing the documents that contain the information they need. Similar to the uses of search engine platforms, enterprise search software is intended to make it easier for consumers to find the information they need to answer their own questions without having to wait for someone else to help them. Other uses of enterprise search software exist as well. From the business’s perspective, enterprise search software is a convenient tool that can increase the efficiency of product content output. Some companies report that using a software platform to manage their product content creation and publishing has decreased the average time it takes to publish product content by as much as 94%.

Enterprise Search Market Size

Companies that want to implement an enterprise search engine might benefit from also considering their enterprise search market size. Understanding how many customers will be using a company’s enterprise search engine could affect how valuable it is to that company.
By creating a good customer experience, a business can potentially improve the relationship between the brand and the customers. One method that could be used to improve customer experience is to improve the findability of product content. When customers have an easy method of finding information about the products they have purchased, they may be able to help themselves learn more about the products, or even fix them if they are not working correctly. If a business has a large enterprise search market size, it could mean that the business would benefit from implementing an enterprise search engine. Companies can offer a personalized and intuitive search experience by implementing software that can help their customers find accurate product content in a single location.

Enterprise Search Engine

If you were to create a list of search engines, you might include a search engine software name like Google or Bing. These types of search engines are extremely common—most people use them nearly every day. But these search engine software examples are a little bit different from an enterprise search engine. An enterprise search engine is similar to a typical search engine, but there are also significant differences. 
For example, a regular search engine can be used to find information about nearly every topic in the world, but an enterprise software search engine is used to find information about products and services that are offered by a business. When using enterprise search engine software, some of the kinds of topics you might find information about include product documentation that could inform a customer about how to use their product or troubleshoot problems that the product is suffering from. Giving customers the ability to search for product content and find all the relevant information they need in one location can improve customer experience.

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