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Enterprise Search Solutions

Searching for information throughout an enterprise is a more complicated process when compared to data search in a single source or application. Information search is becoming increasingly challenging for many enterprises because information inquiries may need to be performed in both independent operating systems, and may require simultaneous use of various computer resources. In addition, search is an integral part of customer experience, since customers conduct product search before making a purchase decision. Websites with poor search engine functionality may impact client retention and loyalty and can ultimately hurt a company's bottom line. Aside from lost productivity in locating missing materials, information gaps may potentially expose organizations to legal and compliance concerns. Also, sensitive information may sometimes go unnoticed and unprotected if there is no solid enterprise software solution in place. An enterprise search solution can be used by organizations to retrieve both structured data found in databases, and unstructured data such as PDFs and media files. Enterprise search solutions can enable users to find content from multiple enterprise-level sources, including historic databases and intranets, in a single search query. Enterprise search products can connect a variety of disparate cloud systems and make them searchable through a single interface. These software solutions can give employees and customers real-time access to a network of data from any location and on any device. By using Zoomin, businesses can efficiently manage information gathered from both customer and company-generated content. Zoomin can assist businesses in transforming their documentation into an important business asset that can support every stage of the buyer journey. Companies can improve the self-service experience, reduce support costs, and drive customer loyalty by providing personalized and relevant product answers. Zoomin's platform can continuously ingest updated product information and technical content from a range of sources – including documentation sites, customer portals, product applications, support forums and others – and provide customized product responses whenever users require them. In addition, Zoomin offers a variety of flexible integrations to connect with existing authoring tools, content management systems, and publishing platforms, allowing teams to continue using the workflows that work best for them.

Enterprise Search

To answer a commonly asked question, “What is enterprise search?” Enterprise search enables organizations to search through content in a variety of file formats across multiple apps and networks. It is a useful tool that enables employees to make rapid searches throughout the company’s knowledge base. Using an enterprise search product can help users find the necessary information in less time. In addition, utilizing an enterprise search solution allows employees to focus more on value-added activities to increase competitiveness and maximize team results. Enterprise search analytics tools can be used to help organizations break down information derived from internal databases, documents, as well as intranets and enterprise applications such as enterprise resource management and customer relationship management systems. Some search analytics tools have content mining functionality to help companies utilize their information databases, while other tools can be used to acquire, process and organize unstructured data. An enterprise search analytics powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing can enable organizations to properly index, retrieve and distribute relevant information to employees, partners and valued clients. Zoomin uses machine learning, natural language processing, and big data to help businesses create self-service experiences that aggregate information and answers across multiple channels based on the content provided by customers and organizations. Zoomin can help customers not only in finding answers to their queries, but also in discovering new and useful ways to utilize products, thus setting a new standard in enterprise user experience.

Enterprise Search Software

Enterprise search software enables the efficient retrieval of stored corporate knowledge bases from internal sources such as enterprise documents, or external sources such as websites and document management systems. An enterprise search program can handle large amounts of documents while also cleaning and structuring data. This enables users to locate information across several data sources in a secure manner. A search engine software allows website owners to categorize their website content so that users can readily access information on the website. An enterprise search engine software can retrieve structured and unstructured content from across all enterprise databases, enabling enterprise users to access relevant information. A software search website tool can index the information on a website, which makes it easier for site users to resolve product queries on their own. With Zoomin, enterprise companies with complex products can improve site user experience and transform customers into confident product users. Zoomin can provide intuitive, personalized content experiences, and empower customers to self-serve the answers to their product queries by making technical information and knowledge available to them. Zoomin features advanced analytics for each content interaction, as well as data-driven insights into user behavior, strategic gaps, and business opportunities. These insights can enable companies to make intelligent, proactive decisions based on their existing content.

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Best Enterprise Search Software

An enterprise search software can assist companies in organizing and retrieving both structured and unstructured information across multiple enterprise-level sources. It can also connect different cloud platforms for easy retrieval of stored data in a single search tool.Before deciding on the best enterprise search software to use, companies may benefit from creating an enterprise search software list by evaluating enterprise search software examples with different features and functionalities. One example is Everything search software, a free search tool for Windows. Everything software has indexing features that can help users locate files and folders by filename instantly. FSearch, an open source utility for Linux operating systems, can load files and folder names into a database and allows users to find the information related to their search. Lastly, Spotlight is a desktop search feature available on both Mac and iOS. Zoomin can provide personalized content solutions to help businesses turn their existing documentation into a valuable asset that can support every step of the customer journey. By redefining the way site users engage with content, Zoomin allows customers to independently find the answers they need. At the same time, Zoomin empowers service agents to provide quick, relevant, and efficient customer service, thus deflecting cases and driving down support costs.

Enterprise Search Examples

There are various enterprise search use cases that organizations may refer to for enterprise search ideas. For instance, an enterprise search powered by machine learning with natural language search capabilities like Zoomin can assist users in finding the information that they need across vast and valuable documentation that enterprises already own. At the same time, Zoomin can empower companies to deliver a more robust and sustainable customer service experience. Zoomin links to existing enterprise systems and focuses on integrating and organizing material across customer touchpoints, rather than replacing tools to solve the knowledge management problem. One of Zoomin’s solutions is Zoomin for Salesforce, which can help improve customer experience by allowing customers to learn about products independently through better self-service. Zoomin for Salesforce can also streamline team productivity by optimizing and automating their internal publishing workflows. In addition, Zoomin for Salesforce can help reduce average publishing time by eliminating manual, error-prone publishing processes and replacing them with automating content delivery. Zoomin for ServiceNow allows enterprises to seamlessly integrate their documentation into the ServiceNow portal. With Zoomin ServiceNow, companies can deliver up-to-date product answers by recommending and surfacing relevant, personalized content to customers. Zoomin can provide customers an uninterrupted customer journey by unifying search across all content types.

Enterprise Search Engine

Companies will benefit from using an enterprise search engine to supercharge their company internal search engine. An enterprise search engine can crawl all data sources and retrieve information within enterprise-level software as well as internal and external sources. An enterprise search engine can index both structured and unstructured data and enable users to quickly search through enterprise datasets in real time.Some enterprise search engine solutions such as Zoomin can provide data analytics, which allows companies to gain actionable insights to continuously improve and exceed customer expectations.While PC search software tools may be useful particularly for users frequently looking for files on the desktop, many built-in desktop search tools have limitations. Some PC search software tools may not be able to perform a specific search or identify TXT file formats, while others may have lower search speed since indexing can take a long time. For companies with complex products, their technical content such as user guides, manuals, knowledge base articles or community discussions can drive customer traffic and make or break customer experience. With Zoomin, companies can provide their customers a unified view across their entire product portfolio. Zoomin can consolidate technical content into a personalized, easy-to-navigate experience. Zoomin can scale content operations by eliminating manual updates with an “update once, publish everywhere” approach.

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