Suite Solutions Revolutionizes Intelligent Content Delivery with Launch of Zoomin Software


Zoomin isn’t another content management system. It’s a powerful multichannel enterprise content delivery engine that connects prospects and customers to product content.

New York, NY March 29, 2016 — The intelligent content experts at Suite Solutions announce the launch of Zoomin, a powerful new enterprise content delivery platform that enables consumers to instantly locate the product content they need, where and when they need it. What makes Zoomin different from other platforms is its powerful intelligent content delivery engine, and out-of-the-box functionality that ensures laser-targeted delivery of product content across all customer touchpoints, quickly, easily, and precisely.

“In the past, product content was little more than an afterthought. Something we provided to consumers after a sale. A necessary evil that didn’t contribute to the bottom line,” says content strategy guru, Scott Abel of The Content Wrangler. “But those days are over. Today, product content is some of the most influential and sought after information on the web.”

“It’s important to recognize that product content — documentation, customer support, and training — is marketing. It influences consumers. It can make or break a sale, in both B2B and B2C situations,” Abel says. “That’s why it’s critical to have a platform in place designed to help prospective and current customers access the content they need, when and where they need it, on the device of their choosing.”

Zoomin helps organizations deliver relevant product content across customer touchpoints, from the documentation portal to the knowledge base, and across call centers, search engines, and customer communities. It can even handle content generated by smart products connected to the rapidly expanding Internet of Things. Companies that have previously invested heavily in intelligent content can leverage the platform’s content personalization capabilities, allowing them to dynamically deliver customized content to prospects, customers, partners and other stakeholders based on user profile data.

The platform also comes equipped with a robust analytics capability that leverages Google Analytics and other analytics solutions to help organizations gain insights on content performance and customer satisfaction. And, its role-based authorization and authentication functionality, including support for single-sign-on, ensures content is only served up to those who are authorized to view it.

Organizations that adopt Zoomin’s software benefit from its thoughtful design, ease of deployment, simplicity and cost. Customers including Apptio, ServiceNow, Cisco, Ping Identity, Invidi and Aternity rely on Zoomin to help them guarantee exceptional customer experiences across multiple delivery channels.

Suite created Zoomin in order to help clients maximize the value of product content, allowing them to easily and affordably provide customers with consistent content experiences they expect and demand. Launching Zoomin as a distinct product brand was the next natural step for Suite Solutions.

Led by Joe Gelb, Suite-Solutions helped hundreds of companies make the move to intelligent content. To help bring Suite to the next level as a product company, Zoomin, Gal Oron joined last year as CEO and Hannan Saltzman joined as VP of Product Management. Together they bring their proven experience in building robust and scalable enterprise software together with Suite’s extensive experience in the field of intelligent product content, resulting in a world-class and winning offering, and tremendous growth over this past year.

“Zoomin exists to help companies that value product content as a business asset solve complex content delivery challenges,” says Gelb. “We help you connect product content to customers throughout the customer journey.”

As Anne Grosvenor, a Zoomin customer and Director of Technical Communications at Invidi, shares, “Zoomin delivers a best-in-class solution. The people at Zoomin partner with their customers for success. They’re definitely partners that we’ll keep for the long term.”

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