Zoomin at CIDM/ DITA North America 2016

Content Management Strategies/DITA North America, April 4-6, 2016, Reston, Virginia


There are lots of ways to see us at CMS/DITA this year!

On Tuesday, April 5 at 8:30 am, join Joe Gelb on “Using DITA-based Documentation with Your CRM.” Joe will discuss ways of integrating your DITA documentation with CRM solutions so that both your content creation departments – tech docs and customer support – can work together more easily to increase customer satisfaction and reduce service issues. Learn how to integrate your DITA documentation with CRM solutions to create a unified workflow for content creation and improvement.

On Wednesday, April 6 at 9:15 am, hear Gal Oron on “Delivering Product Content Across Customer Touchpoints: Challenges and solutions.” In this presentation, attendees can explore an actual organizational use case of providing personalized and consistent product documentation across touchpoints, learning how documentation managers have met the real challenges involved in cross-touchpoint content delivery and how they have solved them.

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm, Joe Gelb and Gal Oron will join the “Ask the Experts” panel. Ask them your questions on DITA and content strategy.

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