Zoomin Wins 2017 EContent Trendsetting Products

Zoomin Software – consistently leveraging your product content to ensure
success – has been recognized by EContent Magazine as one of its Trendsetting Products for 2017.

The wide array of products in digital advertising and content can be overwhelming, even for professionals. In digital media, using the right tool is important in every step of the way.

The list from EContent aims to bring readers closer to choosing the most appropriate products that would cater to their specific needs and goals. The most interesting and useful are highlighted, as well as their unique contribution to the work process. EContent Magazine recognized Zoomin Software for its innovative content publishing solution and analytics platform.

Brands today have various customer touchpoints. At the same time, there are many ways for customers to be exposed to brands. Hence, it is important for companies to create the best customer experience throughout the buying journey.

One of the ways brands can enhance customer experience is through content. Furthermore, an IBM survey says that 56% of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates. Not only does personalized content increase customers’ engagement, it also helps in customer attraction and retention through brand recall.

EContent recognized that Zoomin allows companies to leverage the potential of an effective content strategy. Its platform provides both relevant information across all customer touchpoints as well as actionable data insights to help companies grow and reduce costs.

The Trendsetting Products for 2017 is curated by the magazine’s editor, Theresa Cramer. The showcased products are based on media coverage and recommendations of industry experts, magazine contributors and readers.

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