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In the age of the Internet of Things, connected devices continuously and proactively push real-time status information. Take advantage of this valuable data to allow your IoT products to self-diagnose while triggering automated troubleshooting walkthroughs right from your customer’s mobile device. Zoomin IoT is a powerful platform for the mobile delivery of support workflows which enables customer success. Increase adoption of your mobile app by making it the primary channel for solving customers’ problems as they occur



Provide targeted

Automate IoT support by triggering help to customers on their mobile device.


Lower customer support

Solve support cases at the source, keeping customers happy while saving resources.


Promote customer

Optimize the customer experience with real-time support suited to your customers’ needs

Provide precise, targeted and personalized support

Zoomin IoT allows you to provide automated and instant help to customers via their mobile devices. As soon as a device error occurs, customers receive a push notification. The notification opens an interactive troubleshooting workflow based on actual device and error information.

Make the move from static procedures to actionable documentation

Zoomin IoT accepts real-time device status from your IoT device and delivers relevant support workflows to your product’s mobile app. These workflows can include complete automation of troubleshooting actions. Move from a world of static support procedures to interactive workflows that actually trigger the actions necessary to fix the problem. Achieve the power of truly actionable documentation.

Seamlessly create troubleshooting content

With Zoomin IoT’s visual workflow designer, your support engineers and technical writers can easily author complex troubleshooting workflows and publish them as structured content. The newly-created content fits seamlessly into your content workflow.

Learn from your customers

Zoomin IoT allows you to collect rich analytics about common errors encountered by users. Discover how effective your current troubleshooting procedures are. Refine your product, streamline and optimize your troubleshooting workflows, and find out how your customers are actually using your device.

Focus IoT app development and documentation

Zoomin IoT does the heavy lifting for both app developers and content writers. Content writers can easily create actionable documentation for use by your app developers. Zoomin IoT does all the rest: analyzing device information, choosing the next-best workflow and converting workflows into rich single-page applications for embedding within mobile apps.

Zoomin IoT   

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“Zoomin is a partner you can trust to promise a solution and deliver on it. That’s huge.”

Anne Grosvenor, Director of Technical Communications


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