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Today’s sales managers and engineers require more than basic information when speaking with a prospect. They need in-depth technical sales collateral on topics that relate to prospects’ questions. Zoomin for Salesforce Sales helps your salespeople and engineers close opportunities by recommending the right product information during conversations with prospects. Sales engineers can create customized collateral in real time that addresses the concerns of each customer.



Provide targeted

Automatically recommend relevant product information based on prospects’ interests, challenges and roles.


Improve sales

Enable sales engineers to access and easily share the precise product information that prospects need.


Enhance the customer

Deepen customer interactions with personalized collateral that addresses the specific concerns of prospects and customers.

Answer prospect concerns with product content

Leverage the power of your product content to improve sales conversations. Enable your sales team to use targeted product information to address prospect pain points and concerns. Recommended product topics or collateral are then linked to the lead, opportunity, or contact for continued reference.

Easily share information with prospects

Your presales team can share any topic with a prospect at a click, sending a live link within a conversational email. Zoomin for Salesforce Sales indicates when the recipient has opened the link so that your agents can initiate a continued dialogue with the prospect at the right time.

Create personalized collateral for targeted selling

Give prospects the information they are asking for, in a format personalized for them. Sales engineers can select one or more product topics and generate a customized eBook for specific sales prospects. The eBook is produced according to corporate guidelines, including security watermarks and a personalized appearance.

Gain powerful reporting & tracking

Learn how useful your product content is and optimize it for the future. Refine your sales strategy and customer dialogues with powerful reports. Zoomin’s analytics show the actual usage of content in sales conversations, including the number of links or eBooks generated and sent to customers and how many customers looked at a specific link or eBook.

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Zoomin is really committed to delivering a first-class, best-in-class solution to their customers.”

Anne Grosvenor, Director of Technical Communications


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