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Deliver your product documentation to your support specialists within their Salesforce console. Provide them with access to updated and relevant product content in a form they can use. Proactively recommend content that is relevant to the case at hand, reducing average handle time and increasing first-call resolution.



Guide support with
product content

Empower support personnel by instantly directing them to the product content that best matches the current support case.


Minimize customer
support costs

Improve first-call resolution and reduce average handle time with suggestions based on up-to-date product content.


Improve content

Track which content is used by support specialists and collect feedback, ensuring content quality and improved customer service.

Improve support efficiency with intelligent content suggestions

Resolve support cases in minimal time. As soon as a service representative opens a case, Zoomin for Salesforce recommends applicable product content based on case information, account details and contact history. Support specialists can quickly filter suggested content and see which colleagues have used that information to solve similar cases. Support personnel can also create their own personalized collections of frequently used articles for even quicker responses.

Bridge the gap between engineering and customer support

Promote content reuse by sharing product content with support specialists as part of their workflow. Eliminate duplicate efforts and content inconsistencies by reducing the need for separate knowledge base articles. Transfer content seamlessly between your product documentation and support specialists, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with the latest product developments.

Share product content with customers and employees

Allow your support specialists to instantly share answers targeted to customers’ specific configurations and case issues. Support specialists can securely share access to product content using an email link, text message, or watermarked PDF output. They can also share relevant and interesting topics with peers by posting them to Salesforce Chatter.

Optimize content with front-line feedback and input

Facilitate front-line feedback from your support specialists to your technical writers. Service representatives can rate the usefulness of product topics and send feedback to the documentation team, allowing for further optimization of your product content. Service personnel can also contribute articles through an easy-to-use web editor and pre-configured templates. Submitted articles enter a content workflow for editing and approval as structured XML-based content.

Reveal the support value of your product content

Zoomin’s analytics demonstrate how important your content is for closing support cases by tracking each documentation topic or article. Measure content usage in support cases, including number of shares by support personnel and frequency of customer clicks.

Zoomin for Salesforce Service   

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Anne Grosvenor, Director of Technical Communications


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