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Customer Self Service Platform

As society continues towards a more digital world, customer service and customer experiences are shifting. Because today’s customers are often informed, tech-savvy, and active on digital platforms, they are needing access to different forms of customer service rather than just the traditional call or email lines to a business’s customer service teams. A lot of times, these new customers, who are actively driving their own customer experiences, want to find the solutions to their problems quickly and efficiently by themselves rather than having to wait on someone from customer service to solve their problem for them. This is what brought on the rise of the customer self-service model for a business’s customer service system.

What is customer self-service exactly? The concept of “self-service” isn’t a new one. Self-service gas stations have been around since the 1960s and many grocery stores have “self-checkout” aisles that are another form of self-service. Customer self-service for customer experience with digital platforms is just the same as these. It allows customers to easily and efficiently find quick and reliable solutions to the problems that they are having with a product or service. For example, if someone has run into an issue with — or does not understand something about — your company’s software or platform, they could contact a customer service representative over the phone or email or a chat feature and wait for that representative to figure out the issue for them, or they could do a little online searching and figure out the issue themselves. However, customer self-service without a designated self-service platform can cause a bit of frustration due to outdated information and searching through 300 page long manuals.

What is required for customer self-service to be effective, efficient, and empowering for your customers?

To create an effective and easy-to-use customer self-service experience for your customers, you might want to use a customer self-service platform, like Zoomin. This is especially true if your company provides complex products or services. A customer self-service platform can help you to easily reduce the amount of effort and frustration that your customers have with finding solutions to their problems as well as help them to continue along their customer journey without distracting problems.

Self Service Portal

A self-service portal is an online site that essentially functions as a searchable database for a business’s self-service resources. The idea is that a self-service customer portal features all of the information that a customer would need to address and/or solve any issues they are experiencing with your product or service. Offering a self-service portal gives your customers an extra option for solving their issues with your products or services. Instead of having to call a customer service hotline, chat with a customer service representative online, or scour online forums and FAQs for their answers, the customer portal names the shift towards customer self-service. And with 86% of customers preferring self-service options, it may be more important than ever to include a customer self-service portal in your customer experience.

How to create a customer portal for your business?

Luckily, Zoomin can help you create a customer self-service portal and provide your customers with access to the resources they need to solve their problems with your products or services.

Self Service Online

Digital self-service technology is continuing to become more and more critical to a satisfactory customer experience as people continue to become more tech-savvy and experienced with digital media. Even the best digital customer service strategy can be improved by implementing a digital self-service strategy. As more people’s first response to an issue with a product or service is to “Google it” rather than directly contacting a company, it is growing more and more beneficial for a company to simply offer a digital self-service option — such as a self-service portal.

A customer self-service platform like Zoomin can help you to build an effective digital self-service solution to make sure that your customers are getting the resources they need to answer their questions quickly and efficiently. Using a platform, like Zoomin, can help you make sure that all of your information is up-to-date and accurate wherever your customers are looking.

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Customer Service Portal

A customer service portal gives your customers the ability to find solutions to their problems themselves — without having to speak directly to a customer service representative. There are many great customer portal examples available for many different industries. For example, Bosch Smart Home offers an excellent customer self-service portal where customers can handle returns, process warranty claims, and access a self-service chat with customer service representatives for additional help.

Customer self-service portals are incredibly helpful to customers who want to find solutions for their own issues rather than have someone else solve their issues for them. In order to make an effective self-service solution with customer portal best practices, it can be beneficial to use a customer self-service platform like Zoomin. The Zoomin platform allows you to create data-driven and intuitive product content experiences. For enterprise customers that offer complex products or services, this platform can be extremely useful because it empowers customers to not only find solutions to their problems but also find new and valuable ways to use your company’s product or service.

Customer Self Service Examples

Because customer self-service options are becoming more and more important for a successful customer experience, there are many different types of customer self-service portal examples for many different types of companies. A customer self-service portal is an incredible way to help your customers better understand the service or products you provide as well as reduce the amount of frustration your customers experience trying to answer their questions.

The best customer portal examples offer easy-to-use and accessible self-service portals that contain up-to-date and accurate information so that the customer can easily find the information they need to answer their questions. For example, VMware has a self-service portal that allows customers to manage their product license keys and access self-service downloads. And Bosch Smart Home offers an amazing self-service portal that lets customers handle returns, warranties, and access a self-service chat as well.

Customer Self Service Software

One way to make sure that your customer self-service portal is working smoothly and efficiently is to use a customer self-service software, like Zoomin. These software platforms can help you to create a smooth experience for all your customers so they can easily find the information they need to solve their problems. A customer self-service software can be extremely helpful in not only helping you to find an effective self-service strategy but also with content design and improving user experience as well.

Customer self-service statistics report that 61% of customers say they are not confident that they will find the solutions they want and 84% say that frustration with the content would lead them to switch brands. In order to better serve your customers and give them easy access to the information they want, customer self-service software can help you create an effective self-service portal. The best software for your company will be able to work with your existing work systems and provide the support that is tailored to your company.

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