Invidi Technologies

Invidi Technologies engages customers with targeted information delivery on the Zoomin Docs platform.


Online, optimized content that is tailored for each customer according to customer profile, devices, and preferences, all within a single customer and employee portal.


  • Reduced content management costs
  • Higher content reuse
  • Easier customer access to content
  • Improved customer experience
  • Enhanced content quality and relevance


INVIDI Technologies is the leader in personalized television advertising. As such, INVIDI partners with television operators who wish to provide addressable advertising driven by viewer characteristics. Each of these operators requires customized documentation, based on their own implementation and customers.

INVIDI’s content must be tailored to each customer and prospect. To reach INVIDI’s goals of reducing the cost of content maintenance and improving customer experience, INVIDI and the TechComm team needed a solution that could deliver optimized content for each of its customers. The solution needed to automatically present each customer’s content, personalized according to the customer’s profile, devices, and preferences, all within a single customer and employee portal.


The Solution: Zoomin Docs

INVIDI selected Zoomin Docs to create a single common platform for content delivery. Zoomin Docs delivers highly relevant content and revolutionizes the customer experience with personalized views and documentation options.


Personalized content for every customer

INVIDI’s customers now see their own, proprietary content, in addition to more general content available for INVIDI’s common customer base. The Zoomin Docs platform provides a personalized, self-service content portal for each customer – as soon as customers are logged in, they are automatically presented with the content that is specific to them. If they wish, they can even build their own collection of content with the MyDocs feature and publish it to PDF or ePub for offline and on-the-go use.


Improved content reuse

With the new system, any changes in content are made once and are then dynamically applied to each customer’s proprietary content. Content is reused between clients, providing significant savings in content creation and management costs.


Branded look and feel

INVIDI’s Zoomin Docs portal was tailored with the same look and feel as INVIDI’s Learning Management System. The portal blends completely with INVIDI’s corporate branding for a seamless customer experience.


Insights for content optimization with real-time analytics

With tracking analytics enabled by Zoomin Docs’ support of topic-level content, the INVIDI TechComm team sees which specific topics are accessed in the documentation and how often. They can tell which topics should be maintained and which are no longer useful – crucial information that can help the TechComm team allocate the correct resources towards creation and maintenance of content.


Agile support

Development at INVIDI is shifting to agile. This will be a big change for INVIDI, but one that Zoomin Docs can easily support. As Anne notes, “Topic-based architecture works really well with agile development, since you can work on a per-feature basis. We can continue to use Zoomin Docs ‘as-is’ with the new methodology, and still benefit from content reuse, tracking, and optimization.”