Zoomin helps Jive Software add the power of documentation to Jive Community.


Jive Software wanted to publish their own structured documentation on the powerful Jive-x community platform.


  • Increased customer satisfaction with Jive documentation
  • Enhanced customer community experience with added product content
  • Increased SEO ranking for documentation through Jive Community/communities
  • Lower support costs
  • Improved case deflection by 30%
  • Easy access to documentation for agents and community managers

The Challenge

Jive Software is the the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business. Millions of users and many of the world’s most successful companies rely on Jive day in and day out to get work done to help them work better together with their customers, partners and prospects. The challenge was that Jive’s own documentation was available through a separate web help system.

The Jive documentation team authors and manages over a thousand documentation topics per solution and version, and reuse is crucial. To achieve this, they use structured content – specifically, the DITA standard. While authoring in this standard allows tremendous reuse and efficiency in content creation, the results were not available in the Jive platform. Instead, documentation topics were accessible in a simple web help interface that could be difficult for customers to find and search through. “We know the tremendous value of Jive communities for communicating product information to customers,” says Marya DeVoto, Documentation Manager at Jive Software, “and we wanted to bring that value to our own documentation.”

The Solution: Zoomin for Jive

Marya DeVoto was delighted when she discovered Zoomin for Jive. Marya and her documentation team have used Zoomin for Jive to seamlessly publish their structured Jive administration documentation to the Jive customer community. “Now we can publish our admin docs directly to Jive with the click of a button,” says Marya.

Increased customer satisfaction and engagement for Jive documentation

Jive is experiencing significant returns since publishing their documentation directly to the Jive Customer Community that is built on Jive-x. “The new documentation on the Jive platform is ranking really well in SEO, so now customers find the topics they need from a standard Google search,” explains Marya, “and now that the administration documentation is in Jive Community, customers reference them in community discussions. This creates more awareness and enriches the community conversation.”

The bottom line? Says Marya, “Now our customers are finding our documentation!”



cs-laptop-jive                               cs- jive


Lower support costs: 30% of case deflections through automatic search of Jive Community

Jive has further leveraged its documentation in Jive Customer Community by including an automatic search of the Jive-published documentation in Jive’s “Supportal” site. When customers enter keywords to search, the system automatically searches documentation published to Jive-x community and provides suggestions. 30% of case deflections in the Supportal site are due to the new admin documentation published to Jive. Furthermore, the Jive-published documentation helps support agents do their job. “Our agents do most of their work in Community, so now they can easily reference in-community docs in their answers to customers,” says Marya.

Seamless implementation: full support for structured documentation workflow

Zoomin Community fully supports the Jive team’s documentation structure and workflow. As Marya explains, “We’re really pleased with how speedy the whole process has been. It’s been a natural transition because we are using the same source that we’ve been working with all along. It’s just a different output. All of our work is leveraged – we don’t have to worry about converting or formatting.”

Topics published in Jive maintain their original structure, including hierarchy, cross-references, and relationship links. A separate table of contents is automatically generated with a link to each topic. When content is updated, Zoomin for Jive maintains the original Jive URL and preserves Jive social feedback. And of course, all document versioning can be tracked and viewed through Jive revision management.

Zoomin and the Jive mission

Jive’s documentation, published through Zoomin for Jive, increases collaboration and community conversation. And that’s what Jive is all about.