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  1. How much is inaccessible documentation costing you per year? Many companies consider the creation of support documentation as a necessary

  2. “How can we help you?” It’s a common question that companies ask numerous times a day. And while this is a safe and time-honored conversation starter, on today’s digital landscape there’s a new aspect that companies must be aware of: their sales representatives and service & support personnel aren’t the only ones making this inquiry.

  3. Customers want a positive customer support experience — which means they want accurate answers and useful advice quickly and conveniently. Companies need to respond to this growing demand by training their people and leveraging technology to close the gap with customers.

  4. While much has changed on the business landscape over the last several years, McKinsey & Company has confirmed a customer service truism that is as valid today, as it was long before the web was born: consistency is vital for making customers happy. However, despite investing significantly in training, technology and techpubs collateral, many companies are discovering that their efforts to deliver a consistent customer experience are being undermined in the last place they expect: their very own documentation portal.

  5. Support Agents are often the first line of contact for customers. However, they can also be the last line of contact as well – because if some customers don’t get the answers or direction they want or expect, then the relationship can be damaged beyond repair. In addition to being highly stressful to Support Agents and triggering turnover, if left unchecked this dysfunctional touchpoint threatens an organization’s reputation, performance and profitability.

Tag Archives: Customer Support

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