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  1. If listening to the voice of the customer is an essential part of the product documentation process, what are customers saying? What do they want? What are they rewarding companies for offering, and what are they penalizing companies for failing to provide?

  2. Customers want a positive customer support experience — which means they want accurate answers and useful advice quickly and conveniently. Companies need to respond to this growing demand by training their people and leveraging technology to close the gap with customers.

  3. Product content. It’s critical to business success. When done well, it can inform, educate, and motivate. It can help us save money. And, it can even drive sales—but only if it’s delivered to the right person, at the right time, in the right language and format, on the device of the consumers’ choosing. This infographic dives into product content delivery and how it is essential to your customers’ experience.

  4. Content and customer experience are integrated and part of the same continuum; they always have been, and they always will be. Companies that demonstrate their awareness of this truth by creating, distributing and evolving great content across all of their touchpoints are rewarded with a growing stream of happy, profitable customers.

Tag Archives: cx

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