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  1. There is no magic bullet that eliminates customer churn. However, in the majority of situations, preventing customer churn is as mission critical as it gets. No, great product content can’t end customer churn. But yes, it can certainly make a significant difference, which is in everyone’s best interest: companies and customers alike.

  2. knowing that consistency is a big (if not the biggest) key for customer delight is one thing. Actually embracing this truth and bringing it to life is a much harder challenge, because despite their hard work and substantial investments in everything from training to technology, most companies have been struggling for years to achieve consistency with respect to a massive piece of their customer communication puzzle: product documentation. While each company is unique, generally speaking here are the biggest 5 obstacles they face on the road to consistent product documentation

  3. There is one – and only one – valid reason for companies to use PDFs: it makes life easier for customers to print documents that may be too-large-for-comfort to read on screens. However, for everything else, PDFs commit a series of unpardonable “usability crimes”!

  4. To those who think that technical writers best days are over, we have a more positive view. Yes, the profession is evolving. But why is this threatening?

  5. “How can we help you?” It’s a common question that companies ask numerous times a day. And while this is a safe and time-honored conversation starter, on today’s digital landscape there’s a new aspect that companies must be aware of: their sales representatives and service & support personnel aren’t the only ones making this inquiry.

  6. Online social communities are far more than a group of people with common interests. They’re a valuable target audience that is primed and eager to interact, collaborate, and share information about your organization – but only if they have the means and material to do so. And that’s where your product documentation enters the picture and makes all the difference.

Tag Archives: Documentation Strategy

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