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  1. Technical product content is an indispensable source of information for your customers, employees and support teams. From API documentation to

  2. Let’s face it: the advice that companies should lean forward and engage their customers isn’t groundbreaking. However, what is new, is the advice that companies should look beyond conventional departments and teams — typically sales, marketing and customer service – and close the gap with customers through an asset that has not been viewed as a major piece of the customer engagement puzzle: product documentation.

  3. Now that Tech Comm and Tech Support often manage their own independent knowledge bases, the overlap illuminates questions of ownership. Who owns knowledge? Who owns the knowledge platform(s)? Who owns search methodologies? Who owns the information experience?

  4. Let’s start off with some long overdue myth-busting: the stereotypes that some technical writers have about marketing content – and the people who create it — are flat out wrong. Just as good technical writing is informative and interesting, good content marketing is stylish and substantial. Here are 5 elements of great marketing content that technical writers should adopt.

Tag Archives: Marketing Content

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