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  1. While the evolution from sales funnel to customer journey is a major win for customers – who as we all know enjoy buying, but hate “being sold” — it’s nevertheless posing some new challenges for businesses that they need to address and resolve now, not later.

  2. Technical writers do much more than craft essential documents that clearly, concisely and competently communicate information to target audiences. They’re also key members of the marketing and sales teams, because their work and words achieve several objectives that are as vital to a company short-term success, as they are to its long-term survival

  3. As with many business approaches that prove to be far more influential and useful than first imagined, the omnichannel concept has its roots in the world of sales. Specifically, businesses were rightfully concerned that their customers – especially online, though in brick and mortar environments as well — were encountering too much friction on their journey from new prospect to raving fan. And so to prevent this, businesses elevated “seamless” and “one-stop” into guiding principles for everything from user experience to sales funnels, and watched as both sales results and customer satisfaction numbers climbed. Everyone went home a winner.

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