All your technical content, right within your Salesforce support portal.

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80% of the answers your customers need are not in your Salesforce support portal.

You have implemented a state-of-the-art support site powered by the Salesforce experience cloud and had high expectations to drive effective customer self-service through this investment.

However, very often the actual answers your customers need to self-serve are not in Salesforce. On average, 80% of the authoritative answers that customers need are locked in external user guides, manuals, knowledge bases, and communities - all residing outside of Salesforce and therefore inaccessible to users in need.

Frustrated customers will either submit an unnecessary support ticket or churn.

Customers are frustrated and forced to go hunt for answers on their own.

Immediate case-resolving knowledge is not available for your partners and customers.

Customers churn because they cannot use your products effectively.

Your onboarding and product adoption are severely impaired.

Federated search alone will not solve this problem.

Trying to solve this with by replacing Salesforce search with a federated search vendor alone? Nice try. External content may now appear in search results, but clicking into any of these results directs users out of Salesforce to various external sites where the content resides.

This means that:

Broken user experience - customers are thrown between different sites with different looks and feel.

Sending customers out of Salesforce breaks your ability to collect consistent and unified analytics.

Customers are 9 times less likely to go back to your Salesforce site after being sent out.

Every possible answer is in one place.

With Zoomin, customers can now consume all of your relevant content  right within your Salesforce Experience site. We make sure your customers never have to leave Salesforce to get the answers they need to effectively self-serve.

Immediate reduction in avoidable cases.

Improved self-service experience rate.

Improved and effective onboarding and product adoption.

Increase in NPS.


Empower customers to find answers independently by providing a unified view across all your content in your support site.


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Join global leaders
Join global leaders
Jul 30, 2020
Zoomin changed the game for our product documentation.
Not only is the Zoomin product itself great but the support we have received from the Zoomin team has been second to none. I've worked with a lot of vendors and implementation partners over the years but Zoomin has been the most amazing team to work with. They are so responsive to help with any issues we had through implementation and go live. I know a lot of companies make the claim that they are a partner but Zoomin truly has been a partner through this.
Brad Littler
Community Review
Jul 22, 2020
Zoomin is the premier way to publish product documentation to Salesforce Knowledge. Period.
Zoomin has revolutionized our publishing process to Salesforce. Not only are we able to publish our documentation to Salesforce multiple times a day with zero issues, but Zoomin also gave us a hugely improved search experience--and even the ability to customize the content our customers see based on their access permissions in our product. It greatly improved the way users can navigate our content, and so much more.
Luke Penrod
Community Review
Jul 27, 2020
Great product, consolidated all technical product content in Salesforce community.
Zoomin is a great product. I used it and saw how it consolidate all of the technical product content into Salesforce's community product while keeping the content's structure and hierarchy. This has been super useful while helping user experience. I could search across all of the content, user guides, product manual, release notes, KB, and discussions and find the info needed inside the community UI.
Roy Gilad
Community Review