Advanced Practices in Technical Communication Management — A Panel Discussion

On January 24, at 10am Pacific Time, join us for a lively panel discussion designed to help you identify – and overcome – the big challenges associated with digital product content delivery. Join your host Paul Perrotta, formerly Senior Director of Information Experience at Juniper Networks, Eeshita Grover of Cisco, Craig Prior, Director of Technical Communications at Mastercard, and Joe Gelb of Zoomin Software for this lively panel discussion.

The panelists will share lessons learned that you can use to develop a streamlined content delivery process that takes advantage of modern content creation and management practices, and prepares your content to support emerging delivery technologies such as chatbots, voice interfaces, the Internet of Things, and augmented reality.

Attendees will learn about:
– Increasing speed to delivery without sacrificing quality
– Having consistent access to all of your technical content, no matter the source format
– Exposing the right content to the right audience
– The value of scenario-based content design
– Optimizing the maintainability of content over time
– Building trust around your content
– Preparing your content to support emerging technologies.