How Digital Content Drives Adoption at Scale: Tools for Your Toolkit

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So you've got the product... you've got the content... and you've got stellar Customer Success Managers and Support Agents who are ready to help customers learn about and use your product. But now it's time to scale up, and doubling or tripling the size of your team isn't an option – at least, not a good one. Watch this lively discussion, where we uncover tips and tricks for scaling product adoption through the strategic use of content and tools. This panel features Adrian Brady-Cesana, a customer-focused leader with hands-on experience building and scaling a plethora of CX teams at VC-backed startup companies in New York City. He is the author of "The Four CX Pillars: Team, Tools, Process & Feedback To Grow Your Business". He'll by joined by Megan Gilhooly, VP of Customer Experience at Zoomin, who previously led global content teams at Amazon, AWS and Ping Identity. In this panel, you'll learn: · Why Technical Documentation, Customer Support and CX leaders must align on CX strategy

· How a CX playbook can help you optimize your tools to facilitate customer adoption and growth

· Why product content is the secret weapon in your arsenal for scaling your Customer Success team

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How your technical content can drive digital transformation

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