How DocuSign Scales Content Operations to Pave the Way for Customer Self-Service

Thanks to an extended period of hypergrowth, accelerated by the digital transformation of all businesses – from SMB to enterprise – DocuSign has evolved its product suite from a single product into the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. But how have they prepared their content ecosystem for scale? In this webinar, you’ll gain rare insights from Dusty Clark, Senior Manager of Content Operations at DocuSign, Deana Falk, Senior Information Architect at DocuSign, Caroline Couvrette, VP of Sales at IXIASOFT, and Megan Gilhooly, VP of Customer Experience at Zoomin. Join them in this in-depth discussion to learn: - How DocuSign scaled and optimized their content creation and publication pipeline

- How they validate and measure improvements to content and how it’s consumed

- How they envision content operations will continue to enable self-service scalability

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