How Mastercard Turned Its Documentation Into a Superior Customer Experience

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There comes a time when an organization must take the next step in their digital evolution. In Mastercard’s case, they recognized that large technical manuals made it too cumbersome for customers to find the answers they need – they often had to dig deeper and deeper just to find out if they were even looking in the right place. So Jill Sheffield and her global team of 68 technical communicators set out on a bold new mission: to ensure customers who visit their documentation site can always get closer to their information needs in 5 seconds or less.T his required them to rethink – and rebuild – their approach to content strategy. And with that accomplished, MasterCard is now able to provide fast access to personalized, dynamic and easy-to-find content in multiple channels across business domains.

Join Jill Sheffield, VP of Content Strategy & Development at Mastercard, and Megan Gilhooly, VP of Customer Experience at Zoomin, to learn how Mastercard has transformed their new content strategy into day-to-day operations. Here’s what you’ll learn:• How Mastercard provides documentation that’s timely, accessible and relevant, to a global audience• 5 features they’ve implemented to deliver a better content experience• 4 metrics to define a successful content strategy

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