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Countless studies have demonstrated the impact of customer service on business success, and among them is the fact that 84% of consumers feel frustrated when a support agent doesn’t have the right information to respond to their needs.

Fortunately, digital transformation has enabled many leading companies to optimize the user experience, increase worker productivity, reduce supports costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Zoomin and SilverStorm help you seamlessly integrate documentation into your ServiceNow platform so customers and employees can easily find the product answers they need, without leaving their Service Portal. You can personalize knowledge experiences by delivering answers directly into their workflow, and better enable them to solve questions and problems independently. In addition, customers will receive content recommendations based on their profile, preferences, product version and previous activity.

Putting your company’s knowledge at your support agents’ fingertips leads to a 28% increase in customer satisfaction, 70% reduction in average information handling time, 30% increase in case deflection and an 18% decrease in support costs.

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