The Content Advantage — Finding and Using Content Metrics with Sowmini Sampath of MathWorks

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Join us for a chat with the senior director of documentation at MathWorks, Sowmini Sampath. In this episode, Sowmini shared how metrics can inform content improvement decisions and guide content development efforts. She explained where to look for meaningful metrics and how to use the findings—especially when making a business case, where leveraging numbers and mature data is important.

Sowmini Sampath is senior director of documentation at MathWorks where she works with talented cross-functional teams to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, development, and learning in engineering and science. The varied course of her career path has taught her to prize diversity of thought and skill on teams. Sowmini’s early writing experience, when metrics were scarce, shapes her appreciation today of prioritizing strategies for data-guided decisions in content development.

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