Understanding Attributes and Taxonomies

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The product information we make available to prospective and existing customers includes characteristics of the things our companies make and sell. Characteristics often include things like size, color, and ingredients, which are captured in product attribute lists.

The characteristics of our target audiences can also be captured as attributes. While attributes help make it possible to distinguish one product from related products and assist us in helping consumers discover the information they need to make decisions, they can also help us deliver right-fit content to those searching for it.

Join us for a chat with Heather Hedden, an experienced taxonomist/ontologist and author of the book "The Accidental Taxonomist," about taxonomy development. Heather talks about the need for — and role of — attributes, facets, and hierarchical taxonomies — and the content capabilities they make possible when implemented thoughtfully.

Learn the differences — and relationships — between attributes and facets and how they related to hierarchical taxonomies. You'll also discover how attributes relate to metadata, how they are used to help serve up the right content, to the right people, in the right language, and format, at the right time.

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