Your customers are looking for answers in your community and with Zoomin, they can find the answers they need. Zoomin’s easy integration transforms your community into a one-stop-shop for all product content. Your users can finally get product answers from all relevant content: technical documentation, support knowledge articles and community forums, all from within your existing community!

With Zoomin, you can quickly publish product docs directly into your Salesforce Community, transforming it into a powerful delivery platform for all product answers.

Why Zoomin for Salesforce Community?

Unleash the power of your product content wherever your customers are

Deliver a great experience to your customers by providing a single consolidated source for users to search and consume all types of product content: knowledge base articles, community discussions, and technical documentation. No need for separate websites, separate logins, separate formats and separated content silos. Discover the business value of your content by publishing directly into your Salesforce Community Cloud.

Increase self-service and case deflection

Help your customers find answers fast through improved self-service. By publishing your documentation in your Salesforce Community Cloud, your customers will be able to find the answers they need while they are already in Salesforce. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs as you enable your community managers and support specialists to easily respond to customer queries and gather actionable feedback with powerful documentation analytics capabilities.

Repurpose Existing Product Content

Companies spend millions on content creation and delivery. The best answers and most engaging content is often already within your existing product content. You don’t always need to create it. Sometimes you can just use it.

Automate publishing at the push of a button

Enable your customers and team to be more productive. Save time and money as you automate the publishing of content across all your touchpoints. Empower your customers by publishing all your product content wherever your customers happen to be.