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The new EU regulations bring technical and legal challenges along with new opportunities to become more digital, more sustainable and reduce costs. Zoomin’s content delivery platform (CDP) is designed specifically for manufacturers, enabling compliant digitization of instructions for use, manuals, fault isolation, reference guides, certifications, data sheets, engineering drawings and all the content your customers and technicians need. Zoomin revolutionizes your users’ experience while integrating directly to your ecommerce and support sites, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory standards including the new EU Machinery Regulation.Zoomin will help you reduce legal risk and reduce overall cost of compliance over time.

In July of 2023, the EU announced the the Machinery Regulation; Companies now must provide content digitally over the lifetime of the machinery.

Safety information will have to be provided with every product, but in line with the digital transition, the regulation establishes that digital instructions will be the default option. Paper instructions will remain an option for customers who request them.

Discover Zoomin for Manufacturing

Consolidate and digitize all your product instructions

  • Easy and fast conversion of all content types and sources to dynamic HTML.

  • Users can effortlessly navigate and access digital instructions autonomously.

Consolidate and digitize all your product instructions

  • Robust access management control and permissions settings.

  • Secure your sensitive information: PII, PHI, PCI, and more.

Consolidate and digitize all your product instructions

  • Publish and update content in seconds.

  • All content can be saved, downloaded and printed, and available off-line.


Support cases deflected with documentation


Time saved for field implementation teams


Increase in on demand content publications

Join leading manufactures who already deliver product instructions via digital format to end users for a modern self-serve experience.

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