Elevate the

Power of Pendo

with Technical Content

Seamlessly integrate your documentation into Pendo, allowing you to deliver powerful customer support right inside your product.

Your Pendo Use In Deficit

Pendo is an amazing tool for driving production adoption. However, 90% of your relevant content that can help your users to self-serve is not accessible in Pendo.
What does this mean?
Low product adoption, IT/Dev resources are misuse, and avoidable support tickets from frustrated users that can not self-serve.

Poor customer experience and erosion of trust

Inefficiencies in tech stack and headcounts

Additional costs for internal Development resources

Zoomin for Pendo: Maximize Product Potential

Zoomin for Pendo seamlessly surface support content in your product and delivers powerful in-product customer support. Reuse your existing help content without duplication, ensuring accurate information and a seamless user experience. Fast implementation, no IT resources required.

Zoomin connects with your existing content sources and tools

Maximize Product Potential with Zoomin for Pendo

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