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Deliver high-quality technical documentation that meets customer expectations. Analyze content performance with Zoomin's "Technical Content Benchmark Report" for industry benchmarks and actionable insights.

Inside the Content Benchmark Report

In this report, we meticulously analyzed content interactions performed by 16 million users from 136 countries in 60 million sessions and identified for you:

  • The most critical KPIs to track
  • The industry benchmark for each KPI 
  • How to influence each KPI and win

Now you can effortlessly gauge your content's performance against industry benchmarks, leveraging insights derived from millions of users and get tools and tips on how to improve each and every KPI.

Traffic KPIs
Search KPIs
Content KPIs

Why companies should care about their tech docs

Your technical content is doing the selling when your sellers are not in the room

  • Impressive Traffic Growth: Our clients experienced a staggering increase in traffic, with some seeing growth rates of up to 600%.
  • Revenue Growth: Technical content users contributed significantly to revenue growth, with potential revenue increases of up to $7,000,000 through new leads and product expansion.
  • Case Deflection: A high percentage of support cases, up to 60%, were successfully deflected through the implementation of effective self-service content.
  • Skyrocketing Self-Service Rates: Our clients achieved outstanding self-service rates, reaching an impressive 97%, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction and empowerment.

Empower your business with effective technical documentation

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