The top
10 trends

in technical
content in 2023

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The technical content industry underwent significant changes in 2023, with several key trends that businesses must consider to remain competitive.

In our white paper, we share the key trends in technical documentation, from the emergence of AI to the democratization of content authoring and more.

Conversational queries

Generative AI is transforming customer expectations, making AI-driven conversational support systems essential for businesses.

Unified Knowledge

For AI and LLMs to be effective, they need access to various knowledge which is often scattered, hindering support and self-service.

The power of case-resolving content

Providing content that resolves cases efficiently streamlines support operations, reduces costs, and builds trust among users.

These are just a glimpse of the trends we explore in this report.

In a world where external content presentation can make or break your business, a seamless user experience is non-negotiable. Developer content and experience are more critical than ever, and the Total Experience (TX) framework is gaining traction as the path to cost reduction and organizational efficiency.
To remain competitive, businesses must embrace these trends, continually adapt, and prioritize user-centric content strategies for success in the ever-evolving technical content landscape.
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