of Self-Service and Case Deflection

The impact of well-crafted technical content on improving customer satisfaction and reducing support costs is ever-growing.

By enabling customers to self-serve and avoid submitting unnecessary support cases, businesses can achieve significant cost savings and minimize the need for unnecessary live support interactions.

Companies that incorporate documentation as part of their case resolution, experience a significant increase in cases deflected.

This indicates that customers are able to find the information they need and resolve their issues independently, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of support cases.

The two main ways documentation can help you reduce support costs are:

Case Resolution

The process of resolving a customer's submitted support ticket with documentation.

Case Deflection

The process of reducing the number of support cases that reach your service team, usually through self-service resources.

Explore how to measure the real ROI from documentation on support costs

Zoomin offers customers the ability to continuously monitor their case deflection and resolution (via documentation) and to calculate the money saved by their users’ self-service.See the benchmarks and metrics to accurately measure your impact in our latest white paper.

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