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The Content Value Project aims to monitor and assess the key value indicators Avtec has experienced from implementing Zoomin's documentation portal. Looking at the key performance indicators identified by Avtec, we gathered analytics and data to track how a unified content experience led to cost reduction, effective internal processes and additional content-based value goals.

Desired Value Goals

Our previous efforts to implement a way for customers and internal users to access Scout-related documentation did not provide a way to search, filter, personalize, or otherwise offer industry-standard means of accessing and consuming published documentation resources online.


Avtec launched Avtec Connect via the Zoomin platform to provide customers and internal users with a web-based portal to access Scout information, documentation, and solutions. Avtec Connect allows users to utilize powerful search, filter, and personalization functions as they "connect" with our latest published online resources.
Portal Traffic
Over 20% yearly traffic growth, withover 2000 monthly sessions to the documentation portal.
Publication Growth
Faster publication time and efficiency (more publications per time period) led to a remarkable growth in publications available to visitors on AvtecConnect.
Returning Users
With more than one visit to the portal in the month before a sale, users are x5 more likely to make a purchase or renew their contract.
Product Answers
Customers were able to find the exact product answers they were looking for since implementing Zoomin.
Publishing ROI
By reducing publishing time on GA day from 4 hours to 30 minutes, Avtec was able not only to increase the number of publications per month, but also save over $20,000 yearly in publishing costs.
Avtec Connect helps us quickly and directly deliver our content to our various audiences, equipping them with the critical information they need which improves usability and the overall customer experience.

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